Useful Links

The address to send your Ash Landscape photos:

Here are some links to other organisations involved in combating or assessing Ash Dieback:

Cotwolds Conservation Board,
The Woodland Trust,
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust,
Royal Forestry Society,
Cotswold Voluntary Wardens,

The Woodland Trust has a good web-page on Ash trees, including a ‘Year in the Life of an Ash Tree’ time-lapse video.

It also has a page specifically on Ash Die-back here.


  • help fund re-planting with other native species. The Cotswold and Vale Ash Dieback Forum can be contacted by emailing
  • volunteer to help with various re-planting schemes that are soon to start: contact the Cotswold Wardens, the Woodland Trust or Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust for details

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