The GNS invites applications for grants to support projects that enhance the understanding of natural history of Gloucestershire. Electronic applications are preferred, but by post is acceptable.
All applications will be considered by a committee of the Society, and applicants will be notified of the outcome by e-mail or post. All applicants should read the notes below. An application implies acceptance of the principles illustrated and an agreement to abide by them.

A copy of the grant application form, which can be filled in and emailed back to us, can be downloaded below:
Word Document
PDF Document

Notes regarding grants by GNS

The following conditions apply to all grants offered by the Executive Committee of the Society.
To apply for a grant, please read these conditions and then complete the formal application form in full.

  1. The society will not enter into discussions re the outcome of any application, and will not normally give reasons for acceptance or refusal.
  2. Grant applications will be looked on more favourably if the application:
    • falls within the objectives of the society.
    • is within any priority guidelines for the year.
    • leads to records, data, articles in GNS publications, and/or a field meeting or contributes to a management plan.
    • is to defray expenses where a volunteer has made or is making a significant contribution to wildlife recording in the county.
    • is unlikely to proceed without GNS funding.
    • Involves training in a natural history discipline, or leads to greater involvement of new naturalists.
  3. Grant applications are less likely to be successful if:
    • they are retrospective.
    • there is a history of previous grant conditions not being met.
    • the work and procurement take place outside the county.
    • there is a central charity/organisation which might reasonably be expected to fund the project.
    • the application is primarily for time or wages.
    • the applicant or project has previously received significant funding from GNS.
    • the application is primarily for conservation work, conservation management or land purchase.
    • The application is from an organisation with substantial resources of its own.
  4. Successful applicants must acknowledge “GNS” in publications made as a result of a grant.
  5. Successful applicants must wherever possible provide report(s), article(s), photographs, or other material that may be used in the “GNS News” to provide feedback on projects supported by GNS.
  6. Grants awarded would normally be up to £1000.00. Applications for more than this amount will be considered on individual merit.
  7. The society requires information in the application about when the grant will be used, a rough timeline will suffice.
  8. The society may require additional information if projects extend over a long period and require staged payments of the grant.
  9. All actions taken by successful applicants as a result of a grant are the responsibility of the applicant, and the society accepts no liability for any such actions.
  10. The security, maintenance or repair, and use of any equipment acquired by a successful applicant is the responsibility of the applicant, and the society accepts no responsibility for such equipment.
  11. Any equipment bought with the aid of a grant, that is no longer required by the applicant, should first be offered back to the society, before disposal. The society reserves the right not to take back such equipment, but may be in a position to re-direct the equipment to another project.
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