The Society is pleased to announce that small grants are available to help finance projects concerned with biological recording, education, public awareness and environmental or nature conservation within the county.

A copy of the grant application form, which can be filled in and emailed back to us, can be downloaded below:
Word Document
PDF Document

The terms and conditions for payment of grants are set out below, and are also available to download here.

Terms and conditions for payments of grants by GNS

The following conditions apply to all grants offered by the Executive Committee of the Society.
To apply for a grant, please read these conditions and then complete the formal application form in full.

1. Grant offers are made subject to the condition that no grant will be paid in respect of any expenditure incurred prior to acceptance of the offer of grant by the Executive Committee, and that the applicant will at all times use the grant in accordance with the purposes set out in the Society’s grant offer letter.

2. The offer is conditional upon its written acceptance within one month of the date of the grant offer letter.

3. All items grant-aided by the Society shall conform to the details submitted on the grant application form and approved by the Executive Committee for the purposes of the grant.

4. The applicant shall be responsible for maintaining or, when appropriate, replacing any equipment or facilities included in the approved proposals to a satisfactory standard for a minimum period of 5 years from the date the grant is paid.

5. The applicant shall, in a manner approved by the Executive Committee, acknowledge the Society’s contribution in an appropriate way. The Society may publish details of any grant.

6. The grant will not normally be paid before the relevant expenditure has been incurred.

7. The claim for payment must be supported by a statement of expenditure incurred and accompanied by original invoices or other agreed evidence of expenditure.

8. Any person authorised by the Executive Committee shall be entitled, at all reasonable times, to inspect the equipment, facilities, services etc on their behalf for the purposes of ascertaining that the terms and conditions of the offer are being complied with and the applicant shall provide any relevant documents, records etc requested by the Society.

9. If the applicant shall materially alter, or change the use of, or dispose of all or part of the grantaided equipment or facilities within a period of 5 years from the date of payment of the grant, the Executive Committee may at their sole discretion require payment to them of a proportion of the proceeds of the sale, or current value of the asset if not sold, equivalent to a proportion which the financial assistance given by the Society bears to the aggregate cost of the acquisition etc.

10. In the event of a breach of these conditions the Society reserves the right to reduce or withhold payment or to reclaim the grant already paid.

11. The Executive Committee’s decision on the grant offer and interpretation of these conditions being met shall be final.

12. Applicants will be informed of the committee’s decision. Successful applicants should then contact the Society’s treasurer to arrange payment. This may take the form of a cheque or direct transfer, and we reserve the right to make large payments in instalments if deemed necessary by the treasurer. Normally we would expect successful applicants to make purchases and then be reimbursed by the society on production of receipts. However this may vary in discussion with the
treasurer, and a small amount, up to £500 may be paid in advance, but receipts will still be required. Alternatively purchase arrangements may be made, passed to the treasurer, and he will arrange payment.

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