BIOBLITZ 700 at The Park & Poor’s Allotment: 25th – 26th July 2015

The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is holding a 30 hour recording session at its newest reserves – The Park and Poor’s Allotment, Tidenham, Forest of Dean – over the weekend on 25th and 26th July.  The aim of the event is to find out as much as possible about the reserves ahead of producing management plans for the sites.  Our aim is to record at least 700 species across the weekend.  We would like as many people as possible to come along to help with the recording effort so that we can reach our target by 4.00 pm on Sunday afternoon.  If you are available and would like to join in all the details are in the attached programme and also on our website. You will see that we have a whole series of guided walks for the public during the weekend to get them involved in and enthused about recording.  You can either join in with these or wander at your leisure across the sites to see what you can find.  We will have the Old School Rooms in Rosemary Lane as the Recording Hub for the weekend where sightings will be collated and specimens displayed.  Drop in any time to see how we are doing.

Here are all the details: Bioblitz Programme 25-26 July 2015 v2 (Word document)

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