Biodiversity Fellowships

The Field Studies Council is inviting naturalists to become FSC Biodiversity Fellows.  They have been funded as part of DEFRA’s drive to encourage more taxonomy and identification training and expertise, and the Biodiversity Fellowships aim to encourage people to take their skills and interests further.  They offer an opportunity to learn from the experts, and for experts to pass on their knowledge and skills.  Biodiversity Fellows will have special courses for them to develop skills in identification of a range of groups.

Various flyers, more information, and application forms are available from their website:

GCER has been asked to spread the word.  It may be that some GNS members would like to take advantage of these Fellowships to get the benefit of expert tuition, build their expertise and/or share their own skills. There is a cost, but the associated courses etc. will be quite well-subsidised. Please spread the word further if you know anyone this might appeal to!

Thank you

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