Cancellation of field Meeting at Lower Lode on Sunday 6 January

The proposed field meeting at Lower Lode at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday 6 January had had to be cancelled because the river banks are inaccessible as a result of flooding.  The level of the Severn has been very high since Christmas, and though the Severn has dropped a little, most of the riverside meadows are still deeply flooded.  Thus the main B4213 is still closed at Haw Bridge, and minor roads like the road from Tirley to Forthampton, and the road leading to Lower Lode are still under deep water. In the Coombe Hill area, the whole of the meadows are under water, and the course of the River Chelt is invisible, so deep is the water.

We will hope to re-arrange the meeting at a drier date!

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