Cleeve Common and its Wild Flowers by Ian Howes

Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society has supported the publication of Cleeve Common and its Wild Flowers by Ian Howes by grant aid funding. We are pleased to publicize the book on behalf of the author and the good cause to which it contributes.

001 Front Cover  019 Woolly Thistle      172 Landmarks

“Cleeve Common and its Wild Flowers” is a book produced for the charity ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’ (in memory of the remarkable Stephen Sutton). All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the charity. The author, Ian Howes, gained his interest in wild flowers during his school years in Cheltenham, joining a local Natural History Society. He went on to do his degree in botany at University College London.

Ian, thinking of his own enthusiasm about wild flowers when at school, thought to produce a book that would appeal to young people today and make them want to be out in the countryside. The book is a photographic guide to the wild flowers found on Cleeve Common. Points are scored for finding plants (depending how difficult they are to find!) and ticked off as they are found!   Also included are some interesting landmarks that can be seen when walking the Common. Most of the photographs have been taken by Ian on the Common and arranged in the book by flower colour. Cleeve Common is an increasingly rare habitat of unimproved limestone grassland which needs to be protected for future generations.

The book can be purchased online for £6.50 (inc. postage) at;

All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’.

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