Coombe Hill

Coombe Hill (6 June 2011, contributed by Mike Smart)

The saga of the two Canadas and the White Farmyard Goose continues. Now that the goslings have grown up a bit, it is clear that WFG is the father of one of them and probably of the other two as well! He’s still following the family party about, looking a bit forlorn, or perhaps laughing up his sleeve? So the battle royal seen some weeks ago, in which the male Canada chased off the white bird and nearly killed it was more revenge than prevention?

Also still 38 non-breeding Canadas and a Barnacle flying out to roost at dusk. A male Tufted Duck. Nine herons (two adults and seven birds of the year); two Little Egrets; three large Lapwing chicks, almost flying, and at least three female Lapwings still sitting. As many as 22 Curlews coming in to roost just before dusk. A Reeve. And a very agitated male Redstart by the gateway to the reserve which must have had young.

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