Curlew talk notes

Photo by John Sanders

As mentioned in last night’s Curlew talk given by Mike Smart, some further information relating to various organizations and websites concerned with Curlews…

Curlew Forum

A very informal body, which brings together local groups studying breeding Curlews in lowland England. Set up following the “Call of the Curlew” website held at Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Slimbridge, in February 2017. The website, which is supported by GNS, posts field observations about Curlews, notably on breeding Curlews, colour-ringed birds and practical advice and comments. Steering Committee: Mary Colwell (Curlew author), Geoff Hilton (WWT), Phil Sheldrake (Salisbury Plain), Mike Smart (GNS).

Curlew Action

An officially registered Charity established in 2020 with the aim of raising funds for Curlew Projects, and of promoting outreach and public awareness. Appoints Curlew Ambassadors (aims at 100), Ambassadors Abroad, and Junior Curlew Network which engages with junior schools. Mike Smart is a Trustee. Website at Supports Curlew Recovery Partnership, and will be active for World Curlew Day (normally celebrated on 21 April, but on Saturday 23 April 2022).

Curlew Recovery Partnership England        

Formal body established in March 2021 with support from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Brings together the major Curlew conservation bodies and upland organizations. Will be influential in application to Curlew conservation of the new Environmental Land Management Schemes to be established in the government’s 25 year Environment Plan. Website . Individuals may sign up as members. Chair: Mary Colwell. Manager: Prof. Russell Wynn.


“Curlew Moon” by Mary Colwell.

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