Day Flying Moths, Cinderford Linear Park 14 June 2014

aIMG_1061 Party

Seven members joined Roger Gaunt for a foray into the Cinderford Linear Park in search of day flying Moths and Butterflies. The day developed into a beautiful, hot and sunny one with light winds, more or less ideal conditions for the primary objectives which were Clouded Buff, Clearwing and Forester Moths.


All of these Moths were found without too much difficulty, the clearwings being attracted with the use of pheromone pellets. No less than five Clouded Buffs were found including one particularly red-tinged specimen trapped in Spider’s web, it was released to fly free again, several White Barred Clearwings were attracted to the pheromones and at least 8 Forester Moths were found along with two Cinnabars and several Burnet Companions.


Dragon & Damselflies on the wing were Four Spotted Chaser, Golden Ringed Dragonfly, Small Red, Common Blue and Blue Tailed Damselflies.


Birds were represented by Magpies, Wren, Willow Warbler, Song Thrush, Goldcrest, Robin, Raven, Mallard with Ducklings, Blue Tit, Lesser Black Backed Gull, Blackcap and Garden Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher. Buzzards appeared overhead, one being mobbed by Lesser Black Backed Gulls.


Butterflies noted were Small Tortoiseshell, Large Skipper, Small Heath, Common Blue, Wood White and Speckled Wood.


A little after mid-day a break was called at which time several members had to leave for other commitments whilst the remaining members of the party adjourned to the southern end of the Linear Park for lunch followed by a search for Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries.

Clouded Buff Moth trapped in Spider’s web – was released to fly again…!

aIMG_1072 Cloud Buff

Forester Moth

aIMG_1065 Forester

White Barred Clearwing Moth

aIMG_1026 White Bar Clear

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

aIMG_1033 Gold Ring Dragon

Female Common Blue Butterfly

aIMG_1019 Fem Com Blue


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