Dean Natural Alliance

“A new group has been established in the Forest of Dean to encourage conservation of nature in the Forest.  The Dean Natural Alliance held its inaugural meeting in Soudley Village Hall on Monday  24 February.  Their immediate concern is conservation of the Cinderford Northern Quarter, and the meeting heard a number of presentations about the importance of the area, in many cases by naturalists who are long-standing members of GNS.  David Priddis emphasized the importance of the site (recognised by establishment of an EU Special Area of Conservation) for the Lesser Horseshoe Bat, one of the rarest bats in Britain.  Simon glover spoke of the importance of the area for butterflies, and in particular for Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper, Grayling (sadly now extinct in the area) and especially for Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.  David Dewsbury spoke of the unusually rich reptile and amphibian fauna: Great Crested Newt, Smooth and Palmate Newts, Common Frog and Common Toad are all present, the only missing amphibian is Natterjack Toad; while among reptiles Adder, Grass Snake, viviparous Lizard and Slow worm are all present.

DNA aims to raise public awareness of the importance of this and other sites in the forest.  Anyone can join as an individual at £5 per annum.  Their website is and their next meeting is on 10 March.

GNS looks forward to cooperating with DNA in the future.”

(Posted by Andrew Bluett on behalf of Mike Smart)

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See also the attached article –

DNA Article The Forester 19 2 2014


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