Snowshill Geomorphology

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Date(s) - 28/04/2024
09:45 - 11:45

Snowshill NT carpark


Leader: Pete Jeans
This walk will show the following features of the landscape:-

  • Solifluction (‘downhill sludging’) 1
  • Stream meanders 2
  • Locating the contact between Inferior
    Oolite Lst and Liassic mudstones 3
  • Spring line
  • Landslip (possible)
  • Cambered hillside 4
  • Wind gap 5
  • Contrast between scarp and dip streams
  • Tumuli

The walk is ~5 km and will take 2-3 hrs. The climb up out of the Snowshill valley is quite steep, and muddy after rain.

Meeting point is the entrance to the Snowshill NT carpark at 09.45. (GR 097342). Anyone wishing to have lunch in the Snowshill Inn should contact Pete Jeans ( so I can make a reservation for the appropriate numbers.
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