Field Meeting at Edge Common 30th June 2013

Linda Moore of GCER led a field meeting on 30th June 2013 mainly to look at flowers of the limestone grassland. Edge Common is an area of undisturbed and unimproved grassland that forms part of the chain of Cotswold Commons on the scarp edge overlooking the Severn vale to the west and the Cotswold plateau to the east. It is well known for its flowers and to a lesser degreeĀ for the butterflies it supports.

A wide variety of flowers were in flower, notably several species of Orchids which are at their best at this time of year. Due to the stiff breeze, butterflies were not so numerous but Common Blue, Brown Argus, Skippers and a solitary Marbled White were seen. Mny other invertebrates were apparent, not least quite large numbers of Garden Chafers.

Garden Chafer

Edge Meet IMG_1040

Meadow Pipit

Meadow Pipit IMG_8527

Bee Orchid

Edge Bee Orchid IMG_1033

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