GNS Annual General Meeting 2016

The GNS Annual General Meeting took place as planned on Friday 18 March in Cirencester, with the President, Mrs Anna Ball, in the chair.  The Meeting re-elected the existing Executive Committee, except for Lynne Garner and Gordon Avery who had stood down in the course of the year; it elected Ben Locke and Martin Matthews as members of the Executive Committee.  It was agreed not to appoint a new Hon Secretary, and to go ahead with the redistribution of tasks as already agreed: Andy Oliver will take over the initial screening of Grant Applications; the Chairman will complete the annual return to the Charities’ Commission.   The Committee is looking for a volunteer to act as Minutes Secretary.

David Scott-Langley had stood down after ten years as Chairman of the Cirencester Branch, but remains on the Cirencester Branch Committee as Treasurer; Andy Bluett has joined Ken Cservenka and Rob Curtis as the other members of the quartet; there will be a rolling Chairmanship.

Gordon Avery (former Bird Recorder), Roger Gaunt (former Moth Recorder), David Haigh (Spider Recorder), Colin Twissell (Amphibian Recorder) were appointed Honorary Members of the Society; all have made major contributions to the recording of these taxa; Colin thanked the Society on their behalf.

David Scott-Langley has also for many years been Chair of the Scientific and Publications Sub-Committee, a really crucial position within the Society Society.  David of course remains Recorder for a variety of invertebrates and hence a member of this Sub-Committee, and is to continue editing “The Gloucester Naturalist”, quite apart from continuing as Vice Chairman of the Society.

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