Midger Wood, joint GNS-Bristol Naturalists’ moss meeting (30 March 2008, contributed by Juliet Bailey)

During the course of the meeting as well as recording some 50 mosses, we saw at least six Brimstone butterflies together with early Bluebells and Butterbur and heard the song from many Chiffchaffs.

Photographs from the Midger Wood Meeting

The pictures below were taken by Rob Bacon during the joint GNS-Bristol Naturalists meeting. They are of a variety of mosses, liverworts, fungi and lichen. Of the species shown the liverwort Nowellia curvifolia was a particularly good find.

Dicranum scoparium on Nowellia curvifolia

Thuidium tamariscinum and Polytrichum formosum

Reticularia lycoperdon

Scarlet Elf-cup (Sarcoscypha austriaca)

Scleropodium purum

Euryhnchium praelongum

Yellow Brain (Tremella mesenterica)

Thuidium tamariscinum

Isothecium myosuroides

Peltigera praetextata

Pellia epiphylla

Nowellia curvifolia

Mnium hornum

Frullania dilatata

Plagiochila asplenoides

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