New Year Plant Hunt

On behalf of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (BSBI).

The New Year Plant Hunt is a remarkable citizen science venture that unveils winter’s floral secrets and sheds light on climate change. Warmer winters may be changing the flowering times of plants but BSBI needs your help to track this.

Perhaps surprisingly, many plants are still flowering in midwinter, with nearly 500 different species recorded during last year’s Hunt. Many of these are widespread, common and easy to identify, but we will provide a handy spotter sheet to help everyone, including total beginners, recognise the top 20 species recorded in previous years.

It’s easy to take part. During the four days around New Year, 30th December – 2nd January, take a leisurely walk outdoors, noting wild flowers in bloom. Submit your finds via our online form and you’ll be contributing to vital climate research.

Embrace winter’s beauty, learn more about our wonderful wildflowers and make a difference by participating in the New Year Plant Hunt. Start 2024 by joining the journey to uncover nature’s response to our changing world. Register now at 

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