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The Beetles of Gloucestershire by Keith Alexander

A special edition of ‘The Gloucestershire Naturalist’ (TGN 31). ‘The Beetles of Gloucestershire’ by Keith Alexander, a much-respected authority and former county recorder. The result of a long and careful campaign of fieldwork and recording, this publication is an important addition to Gloucestershire fauna reference works and contains much useful information about beetles in the county. Cost of £22.50 inc. post and packing. Alternatively you can order by post from GNS Membership Secretary, 50 Kingsmead, Abbeymead, Gloucester, GL4 5DY enclosing a cheque for £22.50 made payable to Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society. Orders from retailers and re-sellers for multiple copies may qualify for a quantity discount, please enquire.

£22.50 inc P&P

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Gloucestershire Bird Report 2014-16

The latest edition of the Gloucestershire Bird Report covering the years 2014 to 2016 is now available to purchase from Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society, cost £15.00 + £3.25 Post & Packing = £18.25. Published by Gloucestershire Ornithological Co-ordinating Committee, this is a combined 3-year report in a new size and format for the 21st century with a fresh and different look from previous issues and is intended to deliver all of the essential information required from a county report whilst being rather more interesting and entertaining than a bland dates and numbers document.
In essence it takes some of its design features from the Birds of Gloucestershire (2013) by Gordon Kirk and John Phillips, features many photographs and personal views of the Gloucestershire avifauna, contains a wealth of information and is an essential document for ornithologists with any interest in the county’s bird life.

£18.25 inc P&P

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Gloucestershire Bird Report 2017-19

The 2017-19 edition of the Gloucestershire annual bird report

£18.50 inc P&P
(£15 + £3.50 P&P)

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Myxomycetes of the Forest of Dean

The Gloucestershire Naturalist, special edition TGN 35 – A Provisional Census Catalogue of the Myxomycetes of the Forest of Dean, their status, ecology and distribution by John Holden, 84 pages, fully illustrated with colour photographs and distribution maps, ISSN 1746-9147.

£6.50 inc P&P

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The History of the Red Helleborine

The Red Helleborine (Cephalanthera rubra) is a rare and enigmatic member of the orchid family, surrounded by secrecy and intrigue, and Gloucestershire is one of its strongholds in the British Isles. The author, David Armstrong, has spent the best part of 30 years studying and researching this plant whilst working for the National Trust. This has involved visits to the few other known sites in the country as well as the local ones, literature searches, and visits to various herbaria, all pulled together in this illustrated booklet to create a fascinating read.

£10.00 inc P&P

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