Snow in Standish, 18 January

About 4 inches of snow fell in the Severn Vale this morning. When it was falling most heavily there was a Collared Dove calling in the garden.  Perhaps it had nothing better to do than sing. In the arable field opposite was a long line of birds facing into the wind, including 32 Lapwing (mostly standing), about 40 Common Gulls and as many Black-headed Gulls (most of which were sitting down low in the snow), with the occasional Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls, and a few juvenile gulls.

Oak with newly fallen limb

When the snowstorm eased we went for a walk and were surprised to see a huge limb fallen from an oak.  We imagine this happened this morning as the hole where Jackdaws had nested was in the lee of the fallen branch, but full of snow.

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