Coombe Hill

Coombe Hill (8 November 2011, Les Brown / Mike Smart)

Scrapes still dry, but water slightly higher on Long Pool and Snipe Pool.

Flock of geese flew in and stayed to graze: 47 Greylags (including two with white patches on wingtips), 2 Canadas and six Canada x Greylag hybrid goslings (parents on guard).  None of them appeared to have any darvic rings; 2 Wigeon and 68 Teal on Long Pool.   2 Snipe.  60 Fieldfares, 5 Redwings. 80 Goldfinches.  Four Mute Swans on canal, three cobs fighting over a single pen, one cob distinctly the worse for wear afterwards; first swans here for ages.  Otherwise, all quiet on the western front.

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