Talk on Carnivores at John Moore Museum, 23 November 2019

Small & Deadly: The Changing Fortunes of Britain’s Carnivores – a talk by Lizzie Croose of the Vincent Wildlife Trust

OrganiserJohn Moore Museum
DateSaturday 23rd November 2019
Time11am to 12pm
VenueThe Old Baptist Chapel, Old Baptist Chapel Court, Church Street, Tewkesbury GL20 5RZ
DetailsThe fortunes of Britain’s carnivores have changed greatly over the last couple of hundred years. This presentation will discuss changing population trends and the current status of Britain’s carnivores, including Vincent Wildlife Trust’s conservation and research programmes on pine marten, polecats, weasels and stoats.

Did you know a weasel needs to eat roughly one-third of its body weight per day?
Did you know that stoats can take on prey more than five times their size?
Did you know that polecats were hunted almost to extinction in the UK by gamekeepers in the 1900s?
Did you know that pine martens are omnivores? They have a diverse diet which includes eggs, squirrels, rabbits and insects.

Tickets available on the door or in advance from the museum
Adults £6.00 / Seniors & Students £4.50 / Children £2
(Includes admission to The John Moore Museum).

Notes for editorsContact: Simon Lawton (Curator)
Telephone: 01684 297174
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