Birdwatching Walks in Gwent

Gwent flyer

This book offers unbeatable quality at only £11.99.

It describes over 60 walks in Gwent, each of which provides an interesting selection of wild bird species.  The walks vary in length from less than one mile to over six miles, while some can be extended beyond this distance.  Each route, provided by an expert birdwatcher who knows the area intimately, has been checked for accuracy by other walkers.

The walks cover an astonishing range of habitats including:

  • the Wye Valley with its ancient woodlands and spectacular viewpoints
  • the deep valleys, fast-flowing rivers and high moorlands of the north and west
  • the broad agricultural sweeps of the Usk and Monnow valleys
  • the wetlands and reedbeds of the Gwent Levels
  • the saltmarshes and mudflats of the Severn Estuary

For each walk there are:

  • superbly detailed maps and directions
  • lists of birds you are most likely to encounter
  • your approximate chances of seeing the most notable species
  • tips on how to see birds

Other features include:

  • an introduction to Gwent’s habitats
  • a checklist of Gwent’s birds
  • what birds to expect at each season and where to find them
  • information on public transport and wheelchair access

Not just for the birds!

You don’t have to be a birdwatcher to enjoy the enormous variety of walks presented.  Even regular walkers in the county will be bound to find something new here.

The book can be ordered from the GOS website

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