Guiting Power

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Date(s) - 13/07/2022

Guiting Power


Limestone grassland plants. Park and meet in the field by the cross roads, SP 078252. Leader Anna Field, 07801 656158. Afterwards at The Farmers Arms, Guiting Power.

These Pop-up Botany meetings are being organised in recognition of the work of Clive Lovatt whose sudden death recently was a shock to all who knew him. Clive was an indefatigable botanist, and since moving to the county, a generous giver of his time and knowledge to local botany. He will be very much missed.
Getting started in botany can be daunting, so these meetings are for beginners, or near beginners. They will last around two hours and will finish in a pub or café where we can discuss further what we have been looking at.
The meetings have themes which could be: characteristic plants of a particular habitat (wetlands, floodplain meadows, acid grasslands, hedgerows, etc.), or particular groups/families of plants (sedges, rushes, yellow dandelion look-alikes, thistles, vetches) or plants that are in flower at the time, types of seeds, etc.
It is hoped that Habimap volunteers might also find these events useful as they will cover some of the key indicator species for ‘habimapping’. There are four events planned, and members and non-members are welcome to attend.

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