Changes to the Society’s Rules

Changes to the Rules of the Society were proposed and approved by the membership at a Special General Meeting on 27th March 2015, subject to the final approval of the Charity Commissioners.

The requirement for Charity Commission approval is enshrined in rule 18 which requires that “No amendment to Rule 2 (Objects of the Society), Rule 17 (Dissolution) or Rule 18 (Alteration to Rules) shall take effect without the written consent of the Charity Commissioners thereto”.

In essence, by updating Rule 2, the “Objects of the Society”, rule 18 came into play; however, the Charity Commission now has quite specific guidelines that govern what can be both an “Object” and be considered to be “wholly charitable”. As a result, some re-drafting of the proposed objects was necessary before the Charity Commission gave final approval to the change in writing, in an e-mail, to the Membership Secretary, on 12th December 2015.

The Society now has a fully approved, new set of rules, copies of which are available to read or download as a .pdf file below, or as a hard copy by post from the Membership Secretary upon request.

GNS Rules of The Society 2015 CC Approved


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