Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society – Proposed Rule Changes

The Executive Committee of the Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society have been considering and discussing some changes to the rules of the Society, first set out at the Society’s inauguration in 1948 and revised at a Special General Meeting on 29th March 1996.

The proposed changes result from a number of practical considerations, the reduced number of members willing to assist in managing the Society’s business and from the effects of the modern world, e.g. the advent of electronic communications. The Committee see this as a part of the modernisation of the Society; the proposed changes reflect the different situation now in the 21st Century compared with the mid-20th Century when the Society was established.

A copy of the Rules of the Society (as revised on 29th March 1996) with the proposed changes alongside are attached below. On each page the existing rules on the left are in black, the proposed changes are in red on the right.

Paper copies of the proposed changes are also available from Andrew Bluett, Hon. Membership Secretary at 50 Kingsmead, Abbeymead, Gloucester GL4 5DY, 01452 610085 or

A Special General Meeting to allow members to vote on the proposed rule changes will take place within the Annual General Meeting of the Society that is due to take place on Friday 27th March 2015 at 7.30pm at the Gala Club, Fairmile Gardens, Gloucester GL2 9EB.

In the meanwhile, any member who wishes to comment on the proposed changes ahead of the meeting should address their comments to Andrew Bluett as above.

Please also note, if the proposed rule changes are approved at the Special General Meeting the changes will then be subject to the final approval of the Charity Commissioners in accordance with Rule 18, paragraph 2.

GNS Rule Change Proposals REV Final

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