Some Gloucestershire Mosses – 2004

During 2004 the Moss Group has organised an identification competition. As can be seen on this page, this has built up into a good introduction to the wealth of bryophyte species that can be found in the county.

All photos by Peter Martin.

Grimmia pulvinata, gravestone, St Mary’s church, Tetbury, 2004

A moss forming dense round grey cushions on basic rock. Common throughout lowland Britain. Characteristic of man made habitats such as mortared limestone, wall tops, bridges, roofs, tombstones etc. Common in urban areas being able to withstand atmospheric pollution. In Gloucestershire, very common on capped limestone walls along roadsides.

Syntrichia intermedia, gravestone, St Mary’s church, Tetbury, 2004

Moss forming open green cushions when moist and hoary grey-brown when dry. Found on walls, roofs and occasionally soil. Occasional to frequent in Britain and in Gloucestershire common on stony limestone ground, roofs and wall tops.

Homalothecium sericeum, top of roadside wall nr. Tetbury, 2004

A moss forming dense yellow-green to golden brown mats on dry exposed basic rocks, walls, tree trunks and sand dunes. In Gloucestershire, common on wall tops and in old quarries. This moss is susceptible to air pollution.

Porella platyphylla, shaded side of roadside wall, nr Tetbury, 2004

Dark green leafy liverwort on base rich rocks, boulders and stones; occasionallly on tree trunks. Prefers moist shaded habitats with northerly aspect. Common in limestone districts in southern Britain. In Gloucestershire, very common in the Cotswolds on suitably shaded limestone walls and quarries.

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