Cinderford Northern Quarter

The preparatory works for the Cinderford Northern Quarter development continue in spite of the protests and it would appear in defiance of the legal protection of some species which inhabit the development area.

On the 28th March 2013 “The Forester” reported that for the second time of asking Police were called to investigate alleged breaches of the law in respect of protected species, specifically this time Bats in the old Northern United Colliery buildings. The next edition of The Forester on 3rd April carried a letter from Councillor Andrew Gardiner summing up his view of the events that allegedly took place.

IF the planning process is followed correctly, IF the mitigating measures required are put in place and IF the development work is carried out with due regard to the law and with consideration for the protected species in and around the area of work, there can be little complaint. However, clearly there are many who believe that these IFs are not being dealt with as they should be and that vested interests are riding rough-shod over the land, the wildlife and public opinion.

Dean Forest Voice are holding thir next meeting on Monday April 8th, and following correspondence with Gloucestershire Police on the subject of the Northern United Site, Supt. Phil Haynes has asked Inspector Richard Boyle to attend and update DFV on the situation in terms of police action and to answer questions that may be to put to him. This is not an open meeting, however, I will attend if possible on behalf of GNS and will be facinated to hear what the Police have to say. Given some of the people who will also be there, I suspect the Inspector will find it a less than comfortable experience.

The two items from The Forester are attached for information.

CNQ Forester Letter 3.4.13

CNQ Forester Article 28 3 13

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