Colour Ringed Tree Pipits in the Forest of Dean

Tree Pipit IMG_3566c

Have you seen any colour ringed Tree Pipits in the Forest of Dean?

Local ringer Rob Husbands is carrying out an RAS (Re-trapping Adults for Survival) study over at least the next 5 years. Tree Pipits have been Red-listed due to a steep national decline and projects of this sort will, it is hoped, help to determine how many birds survive to return to their home ground and for how long.

Rob has trapped and ringed a number of adult birds and so far, 25 pulli (five broods) in the core of the Forest at the following sites – Woorgreens/Crabtree Hill, Staple Edge, Moseley Green, Lightmoor, Edge Hills, Drybrook Road Station and Steam Mills.

Rob needs help primarily with sightings of birds like the one illustrated above, but also with nest finding if anyone is suitably qualified, confident and careful enough to be able to do so.

Contact Andrew Bluett at with sightings or offers of help which will be passed on to Rob for attention.

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