Coombe Hill

Coombe Hill (26 March 2011, contributed by Les Brown, Tim Cash and Mike Smart)

The infighting between the Farmyard Goose and the male Canada has been resolved…. in favour of the Canada. A battle royal was observed from the Grundon Hide on Thursday, when the Canada nearly drowned the Farmyard Goose. This morning the Farmyard Goose was standing rather forlornly on its own, and there were two, perhaps three, pairs of Canadas on their own. Also two pairs of Greylags.

About 14 Lapwings, displaying nicely; two Redshank, trilling; about four Curlews bubbling; a pair of Oystercatchers; a single Ruff; a single Little Ringed Plover flew over, calling, and continued on to the north without stopping. A Peregrine cruised up and down, looking interested.

The same colour-ringed Curlew, seen at Coombe Hill on Tuesday and Wednesday, was seen roosting at Ashleworth Ham on the evening of Friday 25 March, so perhaps it is not a passing migrant after all, but one of the local breeding birds?

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