Field Meetings

The society is proposing to organise some more walks this spring, though any plans put in place may of course change at a moment’s notice. Outdoor meetings with groups of up to six are permissible, given the following guidelines:

  1. Members will need to pre-book through Des Marshall and receive a confirmation that they have a place.
  2. Equipment and books should not be shared or passed round.
  3. Members are asked to maintain a two-metre distance between each other.
  4. Members are advised to bring hand sanitiser and face mask.
  5. Members should be aware of their own risk level and the suitability of this activity.
  6. Please do not come if you are showing any symptoms of Covid 19 or have recently been in contact with anyone who has contracted Covid.

We have arranged six walks for spring/early summer 2021. They are spread around the county, and each will last about two hours, though members can come and go in the usual way. Most are general walks to see what natural history is around. They are not primarily intended as recording exercises, though we shall record what we see.

For more information please see the upcoming events page.

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