Hairy Dragonflies emerge

On 6th May, as there was a “weather-window” we decided to make a visit to Green Lane, Frampton, to look to see if any Hairy Dragonflies were on the wing. After looking for some time a female Hairy Dragon was spotted resting on the vegetation, obviously a newly-emerged one which hadn’t yet flown. On walking slowly back up the lane, but still searching diligently, a male Hairy Dragon was seen; another which had emerged on the day, but not yet taken its first flight. In between these two sightings, we ventured onto the 100-acres viewing platform, and had wonderful views of 4 Hobbies flying close by. I’m just hoping that the Hobbies don’t eat the Hairy Dragons!

20120508 P1040612 Hairy Dragonfly

20120508 P1040583 Hairy Dragonfly

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