Lydney Harbour

Lydney Harbour (12 September 2011, contributed by Mike Smart and Lewis Thomson)

With reports of good numbers of seabirds in the estuary following the strong winds in the last week and with strong winds forecast for this morning, it seemed a good idea to take a look for more seabirds this morning. The wind was present, as predicted, and was behind a good high tide at 08.50. At 07.20, a Great Skua was found on the water when it got up and flew downriver; another one passed at close range at 07.46, also going downriver, flying powerfully and not in the least bothered by the headwind. Between 08.20 and 08.45, four Fulmars passed, going upriver with the strong wind behind them, soaring in high arcs then swooping down low, and not appearing in the least incommoded by the extreme conditions. Otherwise, little to report, apart from a steady stream of Black-headed Gulls going downriver and about 30 Swallows going downriver against the wind.

Along the rocks bordering the river at Lydney New Grounds, at least ten Wheatears and half a dozen Meadow Pipits.

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