Marsh Stitchwort at Highnam

I just thought you might be interested in a report of Marsh Stitchwort (Stellaria palustris) growing at Highnam, specifically in a field adjacent to Lassington Wood.  The reason I decided to report it is that I identified the plant via the Botanical Society of the British Isles’ website ( which noted the plant as ‘scarce’.

The precise location was OS map ref: SO 8026 2056. There are a cluster of plants covering about 10 square metres, not in huge abundance but enough for me to notice them.  The habitat is a meadow one, on the western crest of a ridge above the Leadon, the other flora being a mix of buttercups, sorrel and various common grasses.  It hardly seems the ideal location of a wetland plant, but it is only 200m or so away and above the Leadon’s floodplain.

I am in the process of joining the GNS.

Posted on behalf of John Putley.

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