Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean

Following my article in GNS News, December 2012, it is noticeable that Wild Boar damage to the greensward, roadside verges and other open grasslands in the Forest of Dean is more severe than ever before during this winter period. A drive through the forest yesterday revealed a significant level of damage in many places, and in areas where I had not seen such extensive damage before.

A brief item in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 30th March was headed “Raising Wild Boar cull limit could curb damage”. I quote:

“The Forestry Commission has called for a bigger Wild Boar cull in the Forest of Dean as damage reaches “deplorable” levels. Kevin Stannard, deputy surveyor in the Dean, said the population is approaching 600. In the most recent cull, 78 Boar were shot and 24 were killed in traffic accidents, surpassing the target of 100 by two. The number (to be killed) needs to rise to keep things in check, said Mr Stannard.”

Considering how the population of the Dean used to voice their concerns at the damage to refuse bags and the deposition of faeces by Sheep wandering around the byways and urban areas, it is hardy surprising that the tide of sympathy for Boar appears to be on the turn.

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